Select the right blade

Select the right blade

Getting the most efficient results requires the proper bandsaw blade – select the right tool for the right job

When choosing the appropriate bandsaw blade, one most consider a variety of imperative specifications:

• Band dimensions -width, thickness and length- the dimensions individually depends on the used bandsaw machine.

• Tooth pitch – pitch is generally referred to as the number of teeth per inch(25mm). The tooth pitch choice is dictating in general by the application:
- finer pitch is required for finer surface and thinner sections.
- coarser pitch (less teeth per inch(25mm)) is required for faster cutting and thicker sections.

• Tooth shapes/hook angles
- less hook angle for hard/dense materials or non powerful bandsaw machines.
- positive/aggressive hook angle for softer materials or powerful bandsaw machines.

• Tooth set – depending of application, wastage and blade speed.


Please note that the above mentioned guiding lines are in general. For customer fit solutions or furthermore details please contact our technical department.  



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