Bandsaw blades for wood

Bandsaw blades for wood

The Munkfors range of bandsaw blades for cutting wood covers two main application areas: pallet resaws and portable sawmills and woodworking and carpentry.

Whether for hard woods or soft woods, whole logs or cants, green wood or dried wood, the range of Munkfors bandsaw blades covers your particular needs. Blade features such as material, hardness, width, thickness, TPI, pitch and hook angle have been considered to give you the best combination of features for specific applications.


Blades for pallet resaws and portable sawmills
Wide Munkfors blades with very sharp induction-hardened teeth of 1-2 TPI are preferred for high-speed sawing of larger diameter wood. This combination of features enables rapid cutting with effective removal of sawdust during sawing.

Blades for woodworking and carpentry

The narrower Munkfors blades with 2-6 TPI are best for cutting through thinner wood used in woodworking and carpentry. A slower cutting speed and more TPI give the desired smooth and even surface finish. Either hardened or non-hardened teeth are available.

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