Bandsaw blades for food

Bandsaw blades for food

Munkfors bandsaw blades deliver better food processing results and promote safety in the workplace.

Food bladeThe design, functionality, toughness and sharpness of our bandsaw blades provide several major benefits, including:

  • Fast, clean and accurate cuts
  • Attractive food thanks to better appearance and colour retention
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Extended blade lifetime helps improve production economy
  • Promoting good hygiene by minimizing microbial contamination





Spanish leaflets/Información en Español

Hoja de sierra cinta para comida fresca.pdf
Hoja de sierra cinta para carne congelada.pdf
Hoja de sierra cinta para pescado congelado.pdf
Hojas de sierra cinta para descuartizamiento completo del animal.pdf
Sierras de cinta para cortar alimentos.pdf



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