The sharp choice for the sawmill industry

Sawmills depend on Munkfors blades to help them increase their production efficiency through measures including higher yields,minimal downtime and better sawing accuracy.


As running costs are enormous for sawmills, they want minimum downtime secured by reliable equipment to avoid losing a great deal of money each minute machines lie idle. Moreover, the powerful forces generated during high-speed sawing make the use of resilient and wear-resistant blades crucial.


Although a bandsaw blade, including its maintenance, accounts for just 0.6% of sawmill running costs, Munkfors products result in considerable cost-savings in three main ways:

  • Better utilization of raw materials in the form of higher yields, better sawing accuracy and surface finish.
  • Improved production efficiency through longer running times, higher feed speeds and less maintenance.
  • Higher operational reliability gained through higher capacity.

But no matter where individual sawmills make their priority in this combination of benefits, Munkfors helps them to achieve their production goals.


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