The sharp choice for the fabrics industry

The exceptional hardness and sharpness of Munkfors blades used for cutting fabrics result in the rapid and clean slicing of various delicate yet tough fibrous textiles.

The industrial production of various fabrics like wool, linen, cotton, silk or artificial cloth usually involves cutting steps before they are stored and sold. However, because of the delicacy and relatively tough fibrous nature of most fabrics, it is not easy to continuously achieve a clean cut using steel blades.

This is why many fabric manufacturers turn to Munkfors. Our blades for cutting fabrics are made of the best carbon steel and given the perfect bevel angle that enable us to grind the really sharp edge needed to slice swiftly and cleanly along the complete length of cloth.

The dimensions of each very flat and straight blade are kept within tight tolerances, and it can be easily resharpened to significantly prolong blade lifetime.

Bengt Fridlund


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